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In addition to providing IC design services, we also offer the following products for licensing:

  • The IDIoT: ID For the Internet of Things. A bare minimal RFID design for providing an identity to objects, enabling them to have an effect on the "Smart" world around them.
  • RFID Analog Front End (AFE). We have designed to may different RFID standards and can license customised analog interfaces for NFC, ISO14443, ISO15693, ISO18000-6, UHF EPC/ISO18000-6.
  • RFID Protocol Engines. Different Applications require different features. RADLogic has been designing protocol engines for RFID for over 20 years. We can implement something as simple as a minimal IDIoT, through to extendable protocol engines that support additional memories, sensors, hardware coprocessors for authentication, etc.
  • EPC Gen-2 RFID logical protocol core.This implements the protocol mandated for RFID by Walmart and is heavily used extensively in the retail industry.

Customization of these products is available to meet your specific requirements.

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