About Us

RADLogic is an independent Australian integrated circuit design company with over 30 years proven experience in the design of complex analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits.

We specialise in creating custom, complex integrated circuit designs for applications that include RFID, signal processing, industrial control and consumer products, implantable class III medical devices as well as portable battery operated products and power management applications.

RADLogic offers a full range of design and support services, either in house or on site. Our services extend from product specification, architecture definition and HDL modelling, through to analog design and the back end tasks of place and route, GDSII layout generation and verification.

With the knowledge that time to market is of critical importance, RADLogic has invested in developing a range of semi-conductor IP’s and products that can be purchased off the shelf and incorporated by the customer into their own design or they can be used in an exclusive custom IC design created by RADLogic to produce a custom design more efficiently and at a better price.

RADLogic can provide assistance and support for all phases of a development, including liaison with manufacturers, test development and product validation. Our many years of experience in designing ICs enables our customers to be guided through the complex process of custom IC development, either by overseeing the entire process or by assisting at any stage between conception and production.


RADLogic was established in 1990 by Dr. Robert Clarke to address the needs of systems companies that either do not have in-house IC design capability, lack the necessary resources in-house or who require RADLogic’s experience and specialist skills.

Rob graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Engineering and PhD before joining Australia’s premier research organisation CSIRO in 1980. There, he developed and managed Australia’s first Multi-Project-Chip implementation system and was architect and a lead designer for a speech-recognition chip. As a spin-out from this, in 1984 Rob became one of six co-founders of Austek Microsystems, an Australian company created to commercialise the technology developed at CSIRO. In his role as Manager of Product Development, Rob project-managed the design of the first commercial version of Cochlear’s Bionic Ear chip as well as designing it’s digital signal processor and ADC; and was further involved in the design and project management of many other chips including sonar signal processors, array processors and the like.
In 1990, Rob took the opportunity to spin out his own design consultancy business: RADLogic, as Austek changed its course toward the development of standard products.

Since inception RADLogic has designed an array of innovative and challenging IC’s for customers throughout the world for numerous applications.

RADLogic’s team consists of qualified engineers, each with between 10 to 30 years of IC design experience with industry specific experience in both analog and digital design.


RADLogic has customers located throughout Australia, the USA, UK, Europe, South America, Japan, Hong-Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Our customers range from large multi-nationals to small start-ups and include foundries, manufacturers, other design services companies and development organizations.

RADLogic’s aim is to work in partnership with its customers to create long term relationships. Our responsiveness, ability to work in house or on site, reliability and competitive pricing has led to many long term relationships being developed with our customers.

RADLogic offers its customers a full range of design services, IP development, library development or support services.

Customer confidentiality is often important to our customers and is of paramount importance to us.


RADLogic is based in Adelaide, South Australia. This location offers all the facilities required including a good telecommunications infrastructure and high quality tertiary education.

Our Time Zone (GMT+9.5h) is such that tele-conferencing via Skype, WebEx or phone to almost any location in the world is effective and convenient. We are also happy to travel to any location if required.